Hello My Name Is...

Eduardo Gomez-Cornejo

Mr. Gomez-Cornejo in his TES shirt giving a thumbs up standing outside

My passion is motivating all my students to become lifelong learners, promoting for them a fun and, as possible, also an emotionally and socially balanced learning environment. All my background teaching experience comes from higher educations academic settings as well as elementary school environments, and I have enjoyed both. My lovely family is composed of my wife Gina who is a 3rd grade GT teacher, our older son Diego an attorney, and our younger son Bruno a painter and a personal trainer. I have two dogs, a Maltese and a Hairless Peruvian breed. The things that I love doing the most in my free time are gardening, reading, running, cooking, watching Sci-Fi and documentary movies, play chees when a contender is around, and travel with my family when possible.