Texas Bluebonnet Award

3rd - 5th grade


Student Goals: Read 5, then Decide! Students who have read 5 or more books from this list can vote for their favorite in January.   

Tracking: This year we are tracking our Bluebonnet Books in the library in a grade-level binder. Each student will have their own tracking page that they can fill in any time they come to the library. When a student has read five, they will show their page to the librarian to get their name added to the winner wall. Students who wish to have an extra tracking sheet at home can download one by clicking here.

About the Bluebonnet Awards: The Texas Bluebonnet Award is a reading list of books that students in 3-6 grade will enjoy. The list is compiled by a group of librarians and educators in Texas. Students across the state vote for their favorite book on the list to determine the Bluebonnet Award Winner. A new list of titles comes out every year.