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Mission Statement:  Together we are leaders at Timberline.  By practicing the Seven Habits, we lead!  Love learning, Embrace diversity, Achieve goals, and Do our best!
Vision Statement
Timberline Elementary is a place that changes the world! Every student, every teacher, every parent is driven by a passion for learning which illuminates every corner of our lives.
Belief Statements

We Believe:

  • We believe holding each other accountable to live and teach the 7 Habits as a Leader in Me school impacts student success.
  • We believe the teacher and the students knowing what is being learned and exactly how it will be evaluated impacts student success.
  • We believe confirming our practices as a team through research, data, feedback, classroom visits, and student work impacts student success.
  • We believe our students are capable, worthy, and extraordinary.
  • We believe that, seeing the work at Timberline with all our amazing students, staff, parents, and community as a privilege impacts student success.
  • We believe establishing meaningful relationships with our students, families, community members and amongst ourselves will lead to success and happiness for everyone.