Distance Learning Read Aloud Guidelines

  • Please consult this publisher list for specifics for each book. Different publishers are allowing us to share their content for different lengths of time. If a publisher isn't on this list assume they haven't granted permission and pick a new book. 
    (You can find the publisher's name on the bottom of the title page usually)
  • Always share recordings in closed platforms like Seesaw or WebEx. Do NOT publicly publish recordings (like on YouTube).
  • At the beginning of each recording thank the publisher for allowing you to read their book.
  • Delete recordings by the date specified. 

Why all the rules?

Copyright law protects the intellectual property of an individual, for example a book, from being reproduced without the permission of the owner. Reading a book aloud, especially recording a book aloud, is considered reproduction and is prohibited by copyright law.

There is an education exemption within copyright law that allows teachers to use materials, like books, for classroom use. This is why normally we read books to our kids and don't worry about it. However, that exemption specifically excludes distance learning. Many publishers and authors are relaxing these rules because they know that reading to our kids is an essential part of their education, but not all publishers have.