Timberline Learning Commons
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         Bluebonnet Awards - book covers of "Stay", "A Wolf Called Wander", "New Kid", "Charlie Hernandez and the League of Shadows", "Bernice Buttman Model Citizen", "Frankie Sparks and the Class Pet", "The Strangers", "Nightbooks"       
Texas 2x2 Books - Book covers of "The Goose Egg", "Give me Back My Bones", "Not Quite Snow White", "Bear Came Along", "Ogilvy", "My Papi Has a Motorcycle", "The Panda Problem", "Truman'         Text - HOW TO / read books online IMAGE - stack of four antique books, colored red and brown with yellowing pages       
Text GCISD Reads with book spines filled in the text.


Librarian: Katie Roderick
Email: kathryn.roderick@gcisd.net
Phone: (817) 251-5781